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Plenty of coconut milk and vegetables such as aubergines and potatoes. Light curries, but sometimes very hot ones too. 

  • Jamaican Goat/Lamb Curry
    £3.65 |

    Slow cooked and instantly delicious. This is an intense and satisfying curry, delivering a true Jamaican flavour. One of our most complex blends with 15 different individual spices. Unique and medium spicy. 

  • Jerk Chicken Curry
    £3.65 |

    A complex taste but simple recipe with outstanding results. This curry is based on the popular Jerk style from the Caribbean, but in the form of a curry! Medium/Hot in flavour.

  • Fruity Caribbean Curry
    £3.65 |

    Our own take on the standard Caribbean meat curry with a slightly milder flavour and with the inclusion of sweet pineapple and mango pickle. A family recipe and super easy to make.

  • Caribbean Curry
    £2.80 |

    A fresh flavoured curry made with coconut, lime and mango chutney to produce a quick and flavoursome dish. It can be poured straight over plain boiled rice as many do in the islands of the Caribbean.

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