Mild Curries

Standard indian curries for those who don't want to set their taste buds on fire.

  • Pasanda
    £2.95 |

    The name of this popular dish derives from the Urdu word for “favourite”, and that it certainly has been since the days of the Moghul emperors. It was originally made with marinated, flattened strips of lamb leg, which was then fried. The process remains essentially the same, but nowadays chicken and prawns sometimes take the...

  • Dhal
    £2.50 |

    An authentic Indian Dhal. Very simple to prepare, with the use of yellow lentils. Often used as a side dish or a starter. 

  • Aloo Gobi
    £2.50 |

    A potato and cauliflower curry, often used as a side dish in Indian restaurants. 

  • Chicken and Lime Curry
    £2.50 |

    A very simple, fragrant curry. Mild in flavour and with a standard taste with the addition of a sour aftertaste.

  • The Family Suitcase
    £29.99 |

    The Family suitcase, a selection of Mild, Medium and Hot curries

  • Egg And Spinach
    £2.95 |

    A tasty dish with plenty of sauce for mopping up with Naan bread, also a healthy dish full of vitamins including A, C, K and Iron along with Omega 3 and Protein. 

  • Vegetable Curry
    £2.95 |

    A very mild curry, light brown in colour. Any vegetable with the same cooking time can be used. Our favourite choice of vegetables are aubergine and potato in which we pare boil the potato first.

  • Rezala
    £2.95 |

    highly fragrant Bangladeshi dish made with a thin yogurt, warm spices all in a cardamom gravy. This is a mild curry, often garnished with nuts or almonds.

  • Korma
    £3.25 |

    A good korma is mild, but should never be bland. The origins of creamy korma curry date back to the 16th century in northern India and Pakistan. Traditionally it involved meat marinated in yoghurt, then braised on low heat until marinade and juices reduce down to a thick...

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