Medium Curries

For those who want a bit of extra kick, but nothing too hardcore.

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  • Jalfrezi
    £3.25 |

    A medium/hot and slightly condensed curry with green peppers. An Indian restaurant favourite. Available in a variety of combinations, including vegetarian only, Jalfrezi can vary from curry house to curry house, but usually contains marinated meat, onions, bell peppers and lots of green chillies. A good Jalfrezi should not be too saucy...

  • Rogan Josh Curry Spice Kit In Drawstring Bag
    £3.65 |

    This restaurant favourite is traditionally made with mutton or lamb. Deep red in colour, due to the use of dried Kashmiri chilli, medium/hot sweet tomato flavour.

  • Burmese Fish Curry
    £2.95 |

    A curry that has won many awards yet is still very simple to make, consisting of only 3 main spices. One of our only curries designed specially for fish.

  • Lamb with Plums (Gosht Alu Bakhara)
    £2.25 |

    A distinctive dish with a fusion of Middle Eastern flavours and Indian herbs and spices.

  • Bhuna
    £2.95 |

    A traditional curry technique where the spices are fried in oil and then added to a sauce which can result in a rather dry curry. The standard recipe for the Bhuna generally contains varying proportions of cumin, coriander, mustard seed, chilli, fennel, shallots, ginger, garlic, tomato and curry leaves.

  • Rogan Josh
    £3.25 |

    A staple of both Kashmiri cuisine and the great British curry house, Rogan Josh is aromatic and redolent of spices, without being too hot for most palates. It’s a traditional braised curry with a gravy base, which, besides chunks of lamb, spices and chillies, contains browned onions and shallots, yoghurt, ginger, bay leaves, red peppers...

  • Pathia
    £3.25 |

    A medium to hot, sweet and sour dish with a lovely tangy taste.  Add lemon slices if a fresher and more sour taste is required. 

  • Lentil and Vegetable Curry
    £2.50 |

    With the addition of lentils (instead of meat or fish) this dish becomes very cheap. High in protein and low in fat this is an excellent, stomach filing meal which can be easily frozen.

  • Chickpea Curry
    £2.50 |

    A simple dish made using of chickpeas instead of meat, often served on its own or sometimes with rice. A spicy dish from Kerala.

  • Chicken Saagwala
    £2.95 |

    A chicken curry cooked in a spinach gravy with cream to garnish creating a individual curry. 

  • Dopiaza
    £2.95 |

    The name of this classic Indian dish from Hyderabad translates as “two onions”, which obviously gives a clue as to its main ingredient. Onions are used both in the cooking of this curry and fried onions as a garnish. The basic recipe for takeaway Dopiaza also usually includes chicken, beef, ginger, garlic, spices like cardamom, cloves...

  • Balti
    £3.65 |

    Balti has served Birmingham well – it’s “Balti Triangle” boasts dozens of restaurants specialising in the dish. Balti is, though, a firm favourite right across the British Isles and beyond as a takeout or dine-in.

    This is usually listed on the menu in different heat strengths of mild, medium or hot. Generally, those who can’t take too...

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