Volcanic Curries

The hottest of the hot curries. Masks and gloves required.

  • Carolina Reaper Masala
    £5.65 |

    At a massive 2,200,000 scovilles the Carolina Reaper is the world's hottest hybrid chilli. GOOD LUCK.

  • Rajasthani
    £2.95 |

    Originating from the Indian region of Rajasthan, our version of this recipe is slightly toned down. Don't be fooled though as it is still extremely hot.

  • The Phall
    £3.25 |

    Well what can we say?! An extremely fiery hot and spicy curry, normally consumed between several pints of lager, and bed.

  • Naga Masala
    £4.65 |

    Not so much a tip more a health warning! This is seriously hot stuff as we have sourced this chilli with no additives or flavourings. Be warned, this is 100% pure! 

  • Vindaloo
    £2.95 |

    A fiery favourite on the takeaway market, Vindaloo is an anglicised version of a curry originating in Goa, India, which was made with pork marinated in wine and garlic. The meat used in the Vindaloo we know today is usually beef or lamb, and it is marinated in vinegar, sugar, ginger, chillies and spices before being cooked up, often...

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