Vegetarian Curries

The Vegetarian Option: Vegetable Curries and More at Wannacurry

For the Vegetarian and just the plain old weary meat eater’s, takeout Indian joints are about as risky as takeout Chinese: you might end up with a delicately-spiced, not-too-greasy meal when you visit one, but more than likely what you'll get is beat-up, overcooked rice/vegetables/what-have-you drowning in orange-coloured oil. I suppose it's just the nature of the ever-increasing fleet of late night take away food joints, not every corner spot can possibly be reliable.

Luckily for Wannacurry an exception to the rule is achievable, offering well-seasoned, subtly flavoured curries to prepare and eat at home. And happily, for vegetarians, over 10 of our curries are meat-free and virtually all 100+ featured on our website may have the meat substituted for your vegetable alternative. For one there's Chana Aloo Paneer, potatoes and chickpeas cooked in a mild, creamy tomato base and topped off with chunks of mild paneer cheese. The firm potatoes and soft chickpeas get a bit of a lift from ginger and turmeric, and the cheese has that simultaneously squeaky and melty texture that's common to paneer. 

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