About us

Our aim at currykits.com is to offer you curry kits that provide the ground spices you need to accompany the basic ingredients needed to produce that authentic, restaurant style curry

  • No hidden jargon or costs and no linking you to others sites ( experts own, of course!).
  • We don't sell cooking equipement, books or individual herbs and spices
  • We just sell a fantastic variety of curry kits, all categorised by heat strength and dish types. Some you may be familiar with and some that you won't!

We are a small team of individuals who have one thing in common the pursuit of a great curry. In these changing times, the standard of many curry takeaways in declining and our willingness to keep on paying for them is declining.
Although there are some excellent restaurants around, finding one is becoming tougher by the month. We wish to address this problem by showing you how to make this allusive dish at home.

Curries can be as varied and as individual as the people who produce them. Our aim is to formulate a specific curry that cannot be improved on! Impossible? Well maybe, quality ingredients and our own recipes.

Postage and packaging in the UK is FREE for all orders over £7.00 and charged £1.50 for orders below that amount.
And we also provide the A6 recipe card for each curry type we sell along with a traditional hessian bag for reusable storage.