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Thai Curry is all about the aromatic curry paste. It is the beginning of something that is invariably magical. It is an intense, thick, moist, blend of flavourful ingredients. All curry paste is made with the same or similar base ingredients - hot chilies, lemon grass, ginger, garlic, shallot, shrimp paste, herbs and spices like cumin and coriander seeds. Having tried a variety of commercially available Thai curry pastes we have chosen Nam Jai which is a family owned company who have been involved in food production since the turn of the last century. Sourcing fresh produce from families of growers in northern Thailand with whom they have been dealing with for generations, they regularly supply the street markets and restaurants of Bangkok and the surrounding area. They call this policy natural selection.

  • Thai Yellow Curry
    £3.25 |

    Our newest CurryKit with exciting new spices for us. We had originally planned to change up our ingredients to ensure that there was no trace of gluten in our spices at all but, it has been a huge hit. This new CurryKit is currently beating out all of our other Kits! I think we'll hold onto her as-is.

  • Thai Red Curry
    £3.99 |

    A bolder stronger curry and our long standing best seller. Try thin sliced chicken, red pepper, snap peas and fresh basil.

  • Penang
    £3.99 |

    Peanut lovers unite! This has become a favorite of many in a short time. A sweet, tart and salty peanut curry. Traditionally served as a meat dish, but we absolutely recommend loading the veggies!

  • Thai Prik King
    £2.85 |

    Prik King is a type of Thai Stir-Fry curry that is usually drier than other curries. It is fried in oil and does not contain the usual coconut milk."Prik" means chili pepper and "King" means ginger in Thai, so this is spicy curry paste, although King is used only to signify the heat strength to be about that of ginger only as this dish...

  • Massaman
    £3.99 |

    Just 20 minutes to make, this curry is enriched by creamy milk and fragrant cardamom. This puncy Massaman curry typically contains peanuts combined with lemongrass lime leaves and galangal, it's perfect for a quick easy midweek meal or a tasty alternative to your Saturday takeaway. 

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