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The Hot Indian Suitcase – 8 Curry Kits

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A set of gorgeous curries that are considered to be some of the world’s hottest curries. A treat for those who like to try a bit of heat, and also for those who consider themselves fire breathers.


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This beautifully crafted suitcase includes 8 different curry kits, with a massive 8 portions in each, that’s 64 portions in total! Each curry kit comes with its own recipe card, hand-blended spices and a selection of whole spices to make that authentic restaurant-style curry. Your case will include 2 jars of chutney, 4 sets of whole spices, 8 recipe cards, garlic and ginger paste tubes and our magic garlic clove stripper.

The Hot suitcase will include:

    • 40g Madras Spice Mix: A popular dish from the Madras province, consisting of a rich, hot and sour taste. Chilli, lemon juice and tomato puree are very important in this curry.
    • 40g North Indian Garlic and Chilli Spice Mix: Hot and spicy to taste, cooked in a hot chilli-garlic sauce and garnished with fresh coriander.
    • 40g Vindaloo Spice Mix: A fabulously rich, fiery hot taste. Ginger and red chilli are a few spices to add to the quantity of this dish, as it is most extravagantly hot.
    • 40g Pakistan/Kashmir Bassar Masala Spice Mix: A very popular curry dish both in Pakistan and India. Dark red in colour, medium/hot in strength.
    • 40g Hyderabadi Spice Mix: A very light and refreshing curry with an intense flavour. Medium/hot in strength.
    • 40g Rajasthani Spice Mix: In India, goat would be used in this recipe but we have used lamb on the bone, simply as it is easier to obtain in the U.K, although any meat can be used. In India, this dish is fiery hot, we have toned it down just a little, but it is still extremely spicy!
    • 40g Naga Masala Spice Mix: A ridiculously hot curry. Heat levels in peppers are measured on the Scoville scale; a hot Thai Chilli has a rating of around 60,000 units, but the Naga Chilli has a whopping rating of 1,001,304 units! It’s light years ahead both in terms of heat and flavour. We had great difficulty blending this curry even when wearing latex gloves, a face mask and goggles, it still had us gasping for breath with eyes watering! We haven’t skimped on the Naga Chilli, although it’s several times more expensive than the more popular ones, this kit will give you a taste of the true Naga Curry.
    • 40g Carolina Reaper Masala Spice Mix: So coming down to the final 8th hot curry, forget about those who shout they’ve tried the Naga and lived to see another day. We now offer the Carolina Reaper, at over 2,000,000(!) on the Scoville scale, it’s an international hybrid chilli and for the pleasure of destroying the last taste bud you have left after trying the Naga. It is extremely difficult to obtain, which is why you’re paying 1 pound more. We feel we must responsibly advise you not to try this curry (perhaps give it to your worst enemy!) due to its strength.

The suitcase also includes:

      • 75g of Garlic Puree
      • 75g of Ginger Puree
      • 38g: Hot Mango Chutney
      • 38g: Hot Gooseberry Chutney
      • Magic Garlic Clove Stripper
      • 4 sets of whole spices (Star Anise, Cardamom, Cloves, Bay leaf, Cinnamon)
      • All packed in a high-quality suitcase and 4 rustic hessian bags

*Recipe cards change depending on the suitcase purchased

* Due to supply issues Chilli Puree is not included


Weight 2000 kg
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