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The country we all associate curries with. Many variations have been created over years of trying testing.

Aloo Gobi

A potato and cauliflower curry, often used as


Balti has served Birmingham well – it’s “Balti


A traditional curry technique where the spices are

Burmese Fish Curry

A curry that has won many awards yet

Butter Chicken

A very popular curry from the Punjab but

Carolina Reaper Masala

At a massive 2,200,000 scovilles the Carolina Reaper

Ceylon Curry

A highly spiced, medium-hot sweet and sour dish

Chicken and Lime Curry

A very simple, fragrant curry. Mild in flavour

Chicken Dhansak

A sweet and sour dish made using pineapple

Chicken Saagwala

A chicken curry cooked in a spinach gravy

Chicken Tikka Masala

The chicken tikka masala spice mix is undeniably

Chickpea Curry

A simple dish made using of chickpeas instead


An authentic Indian Dhal. Very simple to prepare,


The name of this classic Indian dish from

Garlic and Chilli Curry

A Medium/Hot South Indian dish cooked with Garlic,

Hyderabadi Lamb (Timatar Gosht)

A very light and refreshing curry. Quite hot

Indian Chicken Curry

Slightly different to the restaurant style curry but


A medium/hot and slightly condensed curry with green

Kashmir/Pakistan Bassar Masala

A very popular curry dish both in Pakistan

Korma Spice Mix

A good korma is mild, but should never

Lentil and Vegetable Curry

With the addition of lentils (instead of meat

Madras Curry

The name Madras is a British invention. It

Mixed Indian Suitcase - 8 Curry Kits

The Indian mixed suitcase, a selection of 8

Naga Masala

Not so much a tip more a health

Okra (Bhindi) with Chickpea & Tomato Curry

Classic Indian Restaurant side dish, Bhindi Bhaji, which


The name of this popular dish derives from


A medium to hot, sweet and sour dish


Originating from the Indian region of Rajasthan, our


A highly fragrant Bangladeshi dish made with a thin yogurt,

Rogan Josh

A staple of both Kashmiri cuisine and the

South Goan Prawn Curry

Deep red in colour and with a peppery

The Phall

Well what can we say?! An extremely fiery hot and

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