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The Mild Suitcase

This beautifully crafted suitcase includes 8 different CurryKits, recipe cards, pastes, chutneys and much more!


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A selection of family favourite mild curry spice kits so there is something for everyone.

This beautifully crafted suitcase includes 8 different CurryKits, with a massive 8 portions in each, that’s 64 portions in total! Each CurryKit comes with it’s own recipe card, hand-blended spices and a selection of whole spices to make that authentic restaurant style curry. Your case will also include 2 jars of pickles, our silicone measuring spoon, 70g of Just Add Garlic and Ginger, and finally our Magic Garlic Clove Stripper.

The suitcase will include:

  • Korma: A delicate preparation of selected spices, producing a very mild flavour for this creamy curry.
  • Pasanda: Marinate tender pieces of lamb or chicken our spices, cook with ground almonds, fresh cream and herbs to create a delicious pasanda. Slightly sour to taste.
  • Vegetable Curry: Recommended to accompany any dish, however it can also be prepared as main dish. Potato and aubergine work well in this curry.
  • Butter Chicken: Lean chicken breast, cooked in carefully selected mild spices, nuts and coconut cream. A very rich dish, similar to a Tikka Masala.
  • Traditional Dhal: A lentil based dish which is completely moreish. Easy, delicious and healthy, dhal is the perfect supper comfort food.
  • Aloo Gobi: This spice kit is designed to create a cauliflower and potato dish in a rich, thick sauce. Use as a main course for 6-8 people or as a starter.
  • Lentil and Vegetable: A mild tasting curry kit with a recipe packed full of protein.
  • Tikka Masala: The dish, which comprises a cream/yoghurt, (or even evaporated milk) tomato sauce and a small selection of spices, produces a mouth-watering curry which is hard to resist.

Note: the suitcase is non-leather.

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